Tar Gravel / Chip

What is Tar and Gravel? Most people have not heard of this more cost effective alternative. Tar and Gravel is also called Tar and Chip, Chip and Seal, Seal Chip, or Macadam in some places, but they are all the same thing. Tar and Gravel is liquid asphalt and small stone that creates a customizable durable paved service. Call us today at (205) 789-5518 for your free quote on your new driveway or parking lot! We are one of the few companies in the state of Alabama that offer this service.

The best part of Tar and Gravel is that it is more cost effective than asphalt, has a more solid surface than gravel, and has a rough texture which helps during snow or rain.

Another major upside for Tar and Gravel driveways, or parking lots, is that there is no regular maintenance or upkeep! Alternatively, asphalt requires a seal coating every year or so to maintain.

While Tar and Gravel is a great alternative to using asphalt, it is not designed or intended for the constant wear and tear like a major highway would endure. Tar and Gravel usually last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.  After this time frame you can lay a new layer of stone and tar, so you will be good to go for several more years.


Tar And Gravel

Also Known As Tar And Chip

If you chose this option for your driveway we can customize it to be a reflection of your home. You can pick anything from a decorative stone to a simple stone. You can even choose your color of stone!

These driveways have a unique feature. They can heal themselves if a small crack develops. In hot weather the asphalt cement (binding agent) can flow into the crack. The loose stones work in conjunction to disguise this imperfection.



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