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No Job to Big or Small

No Job to Big or Small

No Job to Big or Small

Asphalt Paving Montgomery, AL.

United Seal Coating, Asphalt Paving, & Maintenance has been serving the great state of Alabama for over 25 years. We have the best equipment and crews to properly serve you, and give you the best driveway or parking lot you are looking for! We have a reputation for quality work at very competitive prices to fit your budget! We specialize in residential and commercial paving, seal coating, resurfacing, and repairs. We also guarantee the quality of our work!

Our products and techniques are top of the line. We will go the extra mile just to make sure you are satisfied! We offer the fastest turnaround time in the business. We also offer free estimates and quotes for all of your paving needs! There is no job too big or too small for United Seal Coating & Asphalt Maintenance. So whatever your paving or seal coating needs are, let us pave the way for you. We will travel up to 150 miles from Montgomery, AL.

•Residential & Commercial Asphalt Paving & Seal Coating

•Churches & Apartment Parking Lots

•Patching, Repair & Resurfacing

•Driveways & Parking Lots

•Grading Services


Patching- Surface patching is the most popular residential patching. Patching is one of the most beneficial precautions you can take in maintaining your asphalt. When you have a fault in your asphalt you can accumulate water, debris, and start to decay the underlying asphalt. When this happens it causes a larger problem that will be much more costly and harder to repair.

Repair- When you notice a crack in your driveway or in your parking lot you need to address it as soon as possible. If the cracks are left without being addressed,  you can be left with needing an entire new driveway or parking lot. This could end up being rather costly for you.

Resurfacing-   Resurfacing is needed after any cracks have been ignored without any kind of maintenance to seal them.  If there are no major issues with the foundation of your existing asphalt, this will be a simple and easy fix to your asphalt problem. This is a process of laying a new layer of asphalt over the existing, or laying a seal coat over it.  If you use the seal coat as a regular form of maintenance it will increase the longevity of your asphalt.

Striping- Customers of any type of business or facility are naturally attracted to a well maintained drive area and parking lot. We offer services for pavement marking, parking lot striping, traffic signage and related needs. From commercial grade paints and reflective markers to bollards and signage, we can complete driveway and parking lot pavement marking projects of any size.

Grading-We correctly grade your driveway or parking lot so you will no longer have to worry about standing water.  This increases the longevity of  your asphalt.

  Seal Coating Montgomery AL


Seal Coating Montgomery AL by United Seal Coating & Asphalt. We can help keep your asphalt parking lot or driveway safe from the elements with seal coating. Seal coating is the protective covering that is placed over your driveways and parking lots. Over time asphalt will begin to disintegrate from exposure to the weather, salts, and other chemicals. Not to mention heavy traffic speeding up this process. Unfortunately, residential asphalt typically does not have the same advantage as commercial.  Residential asphalt tends to crack easier, so the regular maintenance and seal coating are very valuable in protecting your investment.  If you are not pro active in the beginning, you run the risk of damaging the bottom layer which can prove to be costly. You will have to ultimately re-lay the asphalt.  Give us a call today at (334) 312-7599 for your free quote!

If you have chosen to keep your pavement unsealed it usually requires repairs within the second year. Unsealed pavement could even require a one-inch overlay as often as every seven years. If you decide to have a seal coat placed on your paving you could save up to 65% if the pavement is maintained regularly. That gives you an estimated savings for a 10,000 sq. yd. asphalt pavement is $127,000 over 15 years. Is it worth it? Yes it is! We have extremely competitive pricing to fit your budget. We also have the fastest turnaround rate. Give us a call today (334) 312-7599 for your quote; we are open 24 hours Monday through Saturday!

We use commercial grade Gem Seal coating, the best on the market! Our protective coating works to resist the destructive elements that can shorten your asphalt’s lifespan.  This product slows down the need for resurfacing or the need for entirely new asphalt to be laid.

Tar Gravel / Chip

What is Tar and Gravel? Most people have not heard of this more cost effective alternative. Tar and Gravel is also called Tar and Chip, Chip and Seal, Seal Chip, or Macadam in some places, but they are all the same thing. Tar and Gravel is liquid asphalt and small stone that creates a customizable durable paved service. Call us today at (334) 312-7599 for your free quote on your new driveway or parking lot! We are one of the few companies in the state of Alabama that offer this service.

The best part of Tar and Gravel is that it is more cost effective than asphalt, has a more solid surface than gravel, and has a rough texture which helps during snow or rain.

Another major upside for Tar and Gravel driveways, or parking lots, is that there is no regular maintenance or upkeep! Alternatively, asphalt requires a seal coating every year or so to maintain.

While Tar and Gravel is a great alternative to using asphalt, it is not designed or intended for the constant wear and tear like a major highway would endure. Tar and Gravel usually last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.  After this time frame you can lay a new layer of stone and tar, so you will be good to go for several more years.

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